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Thank you for choosing Sing It Bold for your event!

Please complete this form to finalise all the 'nitty gritty.' 

The Details

We realise venue size/event type may determine the amount of members you can have performing. We will not go ahead if there is less than 9 members able to attend, and will let you know if it is not possible promptly. The maximum can be anything up to 45 members but this is based on availability. Please indicate whether you would like the maximum amount or minimum choir members, considering size for performance.

please indicate

Please note, it is standard procedure for us to sing with backing track. Anything else will incur an extra cost.

Music and Accompaniment
Equipment Requirements

Unless otherwise stated, our bookings require a booking deposit that is non-refundable unless a cancellation is made by Sing It Bold due to reasons we are liable for. 

Cancellations can be made by the booker, but these must be made 2 weeks prior to the event date. Anything beyond this will require partial or full payment, depending on the closeness to the event date.

We should have given initial cost indications upon first correspondence, however, please note this could be subject to change based on the information collated from this form. We will notify you of the final fee once asap, and follow this with a link to pay the deposit via PayPal.

Please confirm you agree to these terms by clicking the button below.

Thanks for submitting!
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